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Graphic Design Services

Always you should polish your idea. NXT ANCHOR, based in Los Angeles provides high-quality graphic design services. Our award-winning graphic designers can erase your business old fashion look and give you a fresh new look. Our graphic design services are including: 

Marketing and E-commerce by Eraser Studio

Logo Design

Do you know Creativity is endless? Do you know all the most valuable brands start with the amazing logos? Logo design requires a combination of creativity and functionality. We translate all your brand goals in a simple image and text. Our award-winning logo designers help you to get the best logo design is possible that is usable for the long term, not a short period!

Branding Design

We help you to understand your brand goals vision and mission, evaluate your existing branding situation. We create a story you want to share with the real target audiences. We design and develop all your need including logo, website graphics, social layout, digital advertising, events, stationery design, and print materials. Our goal is to keep your brand identity design consistent.

Poster Design

We have a talented and award-winning poster designer on board that has years of experience to convey the message through compelling visuals. We focus on the core message of the promotion and hence, produce a design that touches the right chord with the audience. Instead of using a ready-made template, professionals in our office create unique designs after researching the background of the client who outsource to us, the industry and the current trends. This reduces the post-production work to a large extent. Our experts remain in constant touch with the clients and update them regularly to include the details during service rendering.

Types of poster design services we provide 

  • Movie Posters
  • Concert Poster 
  • Educational Posters
  • Scientific Posters
  • Academic Posters
  • Research Posters
  • Travel Posters
  • Event Posters

Package Design

Good packaging is critical to the success of your product in the marketplace. Because we’ve helped design products, graphics, and packaging for companies ranging from international corporations to mom and pop shops for decades, we’ve learned what it takes to give your product the best possible chance to be successful before it ever goes to market.

Catalog Design

We offer the full-spectrum from catalog design and production to fulfillment services. We have the expertise, creative talent, and in-house resources to take your catalog project from boring to brilliant.