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Catalog Design Matters

Eye-catching design, intelligent layouts, appealing images, and organization are cornerstones of good catalog design. Add in the fact that different industries usually require different approaches. Consider this before diving in, as one size or design style does not work all in the world of catalog design.

Design for Your Audience

A catalog’s performance is related to how well it sells. Tailor your catalog design to appeal to your target customer. If your target is a young audience, it will be drastically different than a catalog for older folks. If you target multiple audiences, you may consider doing various designs to match the style and desires of your audience.

Maserati Catalog Design by NXT ANCHOR Los Angeles
Philips Catalog Design by NXT ANCHOR Los Angeles

How do we design?

We evaluate how your catalog performed for you. We help you to find answer all questions below in your designs.

• What sold like crazy?

• Where was it in the catalog?

• Did the overall look and feel of the catalog help or hinder your sales?

• How quickly did you start seeing sales after your catalog release?

• Also, ask your salespeople how the catalog is doing or for customer feedback.

As you can see, a catalog is a process that takes time, commitment, patience, and testing. And while all of this may seem daunting, once you get your system wired, you can use it repeatedly. The excellent catalog formula will help drive sales and keep your customers coming back for more!

Remington Catalog Design by NXT ANCHOR Los Angeles
Domaina Catalog Design by NXT ANCHOR Los Angeles