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Paid ads management is leveraging data to build the most effective ad campaigns possible. Analyzing the data, our team of in-house marketing experts works smartly to continually refine messaging and targeting to serve the most relevant ads to the most receptive audience.

You will have in NXT Anchor a dedicated Account Manager and Paid Ads Specialist supported by a full-service marketing team, all working together to help you maximize your return on investment.

As a results-driven team, we strategize the right channel for your objectives, create compelling and persuasive collateral, and obsessively optimize to exceed the target return so you can scale your campaigns. As your partner, we can’t wait to start generating measurable, sustainable results.

Paid Ads Services Include:

• Google Ads

• Facebook & Instagram Ads

• Linkedin Ads

• Microsoft Ads

• Twitter Ads

• Spotify Ads

• Tiktok Ads

• Pinterest Ads


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