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10 Things that are a Must-Have on your E-commerce Website

10 Things that are a Must-Have on your E-commerce Website

There was a time when brand promotion was done via Television advertisement, putting the banner of the product on a different location, by printing pamphlets, printing the advertisement in the newspaper, and many more. For small businesses, it was limited to only some distance which results in most of the time in fewer customers. Promoting brands using these methods was expensive and the result was not that good. But with time things changed, the Internet changed things. It changed the way of advertising the product. It helped to promote the brand on a large scale worldwide. Small businesses which were limited to only a few distances or locations get recognition all over the world, thanks to digital marketing in Los Angeles and the world.

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There are few things you need to keep in mind before promoting your brand online. You need a proper website on which customers can reach you any time anywhere. A proper team of people who manages your website and keep updating your search engine optimization and keep on updating the website and responding to the customers via mail or call. All this is called digital marketing in Los Angeles and those websites are called e-commerce websites.

Here are some points you should consider having on your website:

  • User-friendly UI

Not everyone is good at surfing a website. It’s your job to provide a better and user-friendly UI. The main objective of making a website is to get the customer in touch with the seller and its product. The more basic and easy the website more will be it’s easy for the customer to react. There are many ways in which you can make the user interface more friendly. Try putting some illustrative picture that shows your product or brand. Try to use auto-fill in the search bar and put some navigation bar to easily scroll down and up.

  • Device friendly

 Not every customer uses a desktop to surf some user uses mobile phone and most of the active users are the mobile users. The website should be mobile friendly as we have a great example of Wall mart, their sales increased by 98% when they made their website mobile-friendly. Mobile users are more active than desktop ones. They keep digital marketing in Los Angeles visiting the website to check their product and share it with others so that they can visit it too. This way you can automatically increase the traffic to your website.

  • Higher quality pictures and videos

It’s the same as billboards or pamphlets but here we use our brand or products images and video. Using high-quality images is always effective. You can also make a video of your product or brand or you can make a video illustrating your product and about your company. This creates a good relationship with your customers. Have zoom in and zoom out option on your images, customers should be able to see every angle. Use optimized images as the high-resolution images might take time to load.

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  • Reviews

Be true to your customer. Have a review box where every user can share their reviews about the product and also you can put a rating bar over every product which users can rate from a scale of 1 to 5. Whether positive or negative take both into the account. Having only positive reviews sometimes makes the customer think that the reviews are auto-generated by the shoppers so also accept the negative ones. 

  • Offers

Everyone loves to have some discount on their purchase. Offers have been always proven best for increasing the traffic and also for the sale. The public loves to buy things which have offers on them. You can give offers to a new user or your trusted customers; this creates a good impact and increases the sale. Give offers strategically, you can have some offers on buying a combo or many more. This strategy has never been proven wrong. Everyone knows that they can’t bargain online like they do offline shopping so they look for some offers to buy at a low price.

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  • Customer support

Most of the websites fail in the market while they provide good service but they still fail to meet the expectation of the customer because customers are not able to contact them for their queries. Customer support service is considered important in e-commerce sites. A customer should be able to contact you via mail or by calling. After buying some do get queries regarding the product so you should be able to help them out.

  • Payment options

For an e-commerce website while selling your product you must have a different payment option. We don’t know what type of payment option the customer has so to avoid that have every option. Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Amazon pay, apple pay, and many more. We should keep the needs of the customer in mind before taking our website online.

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  • Return policy

There is a time when customers are not satisfied with the product or due to some issue they don’t receive the same order, there are so many possibilities which make the customer return the product so do have a return policy. This creates a good relationship with the customer and builds a trustworthy relationship with the customer. It reassures the customer that in the future if they didn’t get the same order or have any problem with the product the brand is there for them.

  • Logo

The logo is the image of the company. In online shopping, a logo represents the company and the trust of its customers. Having a clear and fine logo is a must for any startup company or a branded company. Brands are known for their logos in the market.