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How Photography in LA is Making Brands Stand Out?

How Photography in LA is Making Brands Stand Out?

According to statistics, content with relevant images gets 94% more views. This is one of the reasons why photographers are being given a central role in shaping the visual concept of a brand, especially seo in Los Angeles.

Why It Is Important To Use Photography In Brand Building?

Today, strong branding is hard to imagine without the use of photos. Companies that have managed to build it have a number of advantages. They are dynamically developing their communication channels because photographs are easy enough to get, and through them tell stories, gain the trust of the audience, and communicate with it.

An example of a marketing campaign that “built” a brand is Nike’s Just do it. Over the years, sports legends such as Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Ronaldinho, Serena Williams, and many others have participated in it. Their photos, which could be seen in print or on billboards all around seo in Los Angeles, and have become a powerful channel for helping to convey the message and win customers.

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The campaign remains relevant 30 years after its launch. Evidence of this is 17 million user articles with the hashtag #JustDoIt. As a result of this ad campaign, Nike’s sales grew by a record 31%.

KFC showed a successful example of using photography in promotion in 2018 when it urgently needed to save its reputation after closing hundreds of its restaurants. The brand posted an apology to customers, accompanying them with a snapshot of their signature empty chicken wing bucket with FCK written on it.

And although there was a risk that it would become a huge PR disaster, the audience appreciated the sincerity and humor. If, in the midst of restaurant closings, sales fell (by 9%), as a result of this campaign they showed growth for the first time (up to 1%).

Ways Photography Is Enhancing Branding Of Businesses and SEO In Los Angeles

Blog and website: A combination of high-quality photos and original text will help you effectively communicate ideas;

Identity: The use of images in a certain style works to increase brand awareness and helps to create a holistic corporate identity;

Online marketing: Social media and email campaigns are essential for capturing your audience’s attention, and so is SEO in Los Angeles.

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Advertising: City lights and billboards, promotion on TV and in magazines is difficult to imagine without images;

Invitations, presentations, brand wall: The use of corporate visual identity at events allows companies to stand out and be remembered.

When choosing photographs for a website, blog, or advertisement, you are making important design decisions. So important that your commercial success directly depends on them.

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Images For Your Brand In LA

1. Start by defining the concept

Like any project, branding and styling start with a concept. You should think about the main questions: your company’s messages, mission, and goals. Having marked these three points, you can move on to the next stage – visualization.

Introduce your brand. What messages should your audience receive and what do you want to tell them about yourself? You can go by choosing keywords that are most relevant to the concept. It can be customer focus, reliability, innovation, courage, openness, and anything that fits your mission.

2. Look for inspiration everywhere

While brands used to create real visual boards, today they are replaced by online platforms like Pinterest. For the same purpose, you can use the Favorites tab on the Depositphotos website. Start collecting inspirational images from other brands, magazines, websites, any resource. Just trust your intuition and see if your mood board resonates with other people.

Be picky about your choice. Save only those images that stand out and at the same time blend in with each other. Choose images that represent your brand. Many good photographers publish only a small percentage of what they shoot. Everything else is deleted or sent to the archive. Be like them.

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3. Create a style guide

Once you’ve decided which photos are right for you, try combining them into a style guide. Define your guiding principles by answering these questions:

  • what the photos will show: products, people, concepts, nature, lifestyle or other;
  • what story the images should convey;
  • what emotions they will evoke in the audience;
  • how do you see photographs: if they are portraits, how people look in them; what plan to shoot your product; is there a color that should dominate or, conversely, that should be avoided.

The ready-made guide will serve as a reference point, helping you and your team stay focused on your chosen ideas and consistent.

4. Tell stories to your customers

As you look through the photos, ask yourself if they make you feel, if there is a story behind them that can capture you. If the answer is yes, these are the images that will take your visual content to the next level.

When you share your brand story with your audience, the chances of being remembered, winning new customers, and simply motivating them to opt for you grow. Of course, it is very important to know your audience, its needs, and pains.

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5. Use quality content to grab attention

Photos evoke emotions, and emotions influence consumer behavior. Whether you grab the attention of clients or not depends on the color palette, aesthetics, and quality of the images. These are the main characteristics of photographs that need to be considered:

  • Lighting: the pictures should not be too dark and not too light, important parts of the photo should be clearly visible, and details should not be lost;
  • Contrast: choose soft or hard contrast to match the mood of the scene and the effect you want to achieve;
  • Colors: how attractive and harmonious they are, whether they are in dissonance with the rest of the visual content;
  • Composition: the correct placement of objects in the picture helps to create the right accents and draw the attention of viewers to key elements.

Be consistent in building your brand

The key to branding success is consistency. Companies should deliver messages to their audiences in the same spirit, using corporate identity elements like colors and a logo and SEO in Los Angeles. Over time, they will take root in the minds of customers, and are more likely to be remembered. This is the first step towards building trust and loyalty with your audience.

Brands are not created overnight. This is why it is so important to be consistent. When applying your style guide, regularly tell stories related to your company or product and use images that match it. And gradually, in the view of the audience, your brand crystallizes into a clear image.