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Shapark Musical Theater Poster Design NXT Anchor Hamid Saeidi Ali Hoss Sanaz Mahdi

Shaparak Musical Theater Poster Design

In the realm of theater, where creativity intertwines with storytelling, the essence of a production often begins with its poster. A well-designed poster serves as a visual gateway, inviting audiences into the world of the performance. In the case of “Shaparak Khanoom,” a musical theater production based on Bijan Mofid’s masterpiece, the poster design stands as a captivating prelude to the performance’s narrative.

Shapark Musical Theater Poster Design NXT Anchor Hamid Saeidi Ali Hoss Sanaz Mahdi

The Genesis of Creativity:

“Shaparak Khanoom” delves into the rich tapestry of Iranian culture and history, weaving together themes of love, tradition, and societal norms. With its roots in Bijan Mofid’s literary legacy, the production holds the promise of an engaging theatrical experience. To encapsulate this essence visually, the task fell upon the talented design team comprising NXT Anchor, Ali Hoss, and Sanaz Mhadi.

Capturing the Soul:

The poster design for “Shaparak Khanoom” is a masterclass in visual storytelling. Its arresting imagery and meticulous details serve as a gateway to the narrative’s heart. The central motif, a portrayal of Shaparak Khanoom herself, exudes an aura of mystery and allure, drawing viewers into her world.

The choice of colors, a harmonious blend of rich hues and subtle tones, speaks to the production’s emotional depth. Each element, from the ornate calligraphy to the delicate flourishes, contributes to the poster’s captivating allure.

Behind the Scenes:

Behind every successful production lies a team of dedicated individuals whose contributions bring the vision to life. Directed by Mostafa Gorbanpour, “Shaparak Khanoom” boasts a lineup of talented dramaturges including Bijan Nesari and Mostafa Ghorbanpour, whose insights shape the production’s narrative arc.

Hamid Saeidi’s evocative musical compositions serve as the soulful backdrop to the unfolding drama, enriching the audience’s experience. Assisting in the directorial vision is Shahrad Feredotti, whose creative input enhances the coherence of the performance.

The Ensemble Cast:

A production of this caliber thrives on the strength of its performers. Led by the enigmatic Nila Zojaji, the cast of “Shaparak Khanoom” comprises luminaries such as Shahrad Feredotti, Sharareh Shahbazi, Neda Patra, and Lili Elaha. Their nuanced portrayals breathe life into the characters, immersing audiences in a world of passion and intrigue.

Adding to the production’s allure is the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Sepinood, whose melodic voice resonates with the emotional depth of the narrative.


In the realm of theater, where every detail matters, the poster design serves as the vanguard of artistic expression. Through its evocative imagery and meticulous craftsmanship, the poster for “Shaparak Khanoom” transcends its role as a mere promotional tool, emerging as a work of art in its own right. As audiences prepare to embark on this theatrical journey, the poster stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and artistry that defines the production.

As the curtains rise and the story unfolds, “Shaparak Khanoom” beckons audiences to immerse themselves in a world where the power of storytelling reigns supreme.