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Why Your Website Needs a Blog?

We know you are a busy business owner and you do not have time to write blogs on your website. If you want to increase the visibility and credibility of your company to consumers, you might consider regularly posting quality content on your website. Even you can write some news on your website related to your business. For example: if you are a musician post all your events news that you performing in. If you are a sponsor for a specific event post those too. On many sites, the “blog” has a different label, such as News, Press or Articles. If you do not have enough time, hire SEO company to do all digital marketing for you. Here are six reasons why you should write a blog on your website: 

1. Drive traffic to your website.

If you are worried about the return of investments (ROI), a website with a blog may be able to get more traffic than websites without blogs. How do blogs drive all this additional traffic? The best way for SEO is by making proper content and relevant keywords. So, fresh content can change your impressions and engagements rate on google search console. Adding new content to your website may help it place higher in search engine results than other websites. 

2. Convert traffic into leads.

After a while, your website is getting more traffic and you can take advantage of this opportunity. Every new content may allow you to generate lead your target audiences to engage or call to action. It is better offering something that consumers will give up their contact information. The most valuable data is your customer’s contact information. Now you can do e-blast or your sales team can contact them by phone or mail.

3. Become an authority.

Do you know the best blogs can answer potential customers’ common questions? If possible customers view your blog that gives helpful information about important topics, they may be more likely to do business with you than with your competitors. Interesting and unique content can also allow you to drive traffic to your website through inbound links. 

4. Build relationships with customers.

The customer’s comments on your blog are your relationship with possible consumers. Encouraging customers to engagement on your blog can be as simple as asking questions at the end of a post. Respond to your readers’ comments and start a conversation. keep in your mind any conversation can build relationship and trust.

5. Social media efforts.

Blog posts are excellent for sharing on social media. When you create original content is good tools on social media to communicate with real target audiences. If you share your blog posts on social media you would help your website to get more impressions and engagments. Add social media buttons on your blog and allow other users to share your blog in their social media accounts. 

6. Long-term results.

When you write a post on your blog it would have a long time effect on your website SEO. This blog may continue to be visited as long as it’s on the web. A website with a large amount of blog content can continue to boost traffic from old blog posts. If you write a proper blog it has a consistant effect on your website view. Keep in your mind free impressions and engagement you get from the blog is valuable and long term effect. So, keep in your mind, these types of impressions and engagement stay on your website for a long time and it is free!