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Social Media influencing with Eraser Studio

How to grow your business with your Instagram

Do you want to know how grow your business with your Instagram? Instagram has more than one billion users and it is super popular. All teenagers, millennials, and the old generation actively use this social media platform. There is a lot of business account and they seeking for impressions, engagements, and followers. As you know they have all success metrics including advertising, analytics, and insight. Today, you need a plan for all social media and it can be your personal approach and marketing strategy. The plan can cover your brand power, your audience’s needs, your location, and your services. If you are busy and no time at all, give this task to agency and focus more on your business,

Grow Your Instagram Eraser Studio

Top 20 Instagram Growth Tactics (how grow your business with your Instagram)

  1. Post consistently (at least once a day)
  2. Try videos
  3. Live videos
  4. Stories
  5. Use location for your posts and stories
  6. Study and use quality hashtags
  7. Keep the main hashtag (like your brand name) and change others
  8. Use general hashtag for your audience’s need, not for professional
  9. Check important news and use their hashtag
  10. Share user-generated content
  11. Post for specific days like important holidays
  12. Collaborate with others
  13. Post at your best times (Check Your insight for the best time)
  14. Use your analytics and insight
  15. Engage your fans
  16. Host contests
  17. Cross-post (In all social media)
  18. keep your brand Identity design (Consistently in the design of your post)
  19. Divide your audiences into a different group and post separately for them (You can do A/B testing to find out your real audience)
  20. Tag all brands, people, locations in your post

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